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In the process, a member of their team is at risk and turns against them.Will it be all's well that ends well, or will SG-1 be forever changed?Jack and Daniel go through a difficult time, especially after Paul Davis arrives in town.After Jack gets drunk and Daniel doesn't come home, will they ever be able to find their way to each other again?

Can Daniel decipher the puzzle and help mend his lover's heart? ) Daniel talks about his relationship with Jack, remembering points in time over their history, from their meeting through Lifeboat in Season 7, and reflects on why people don't understand them.but will Jack's own traumatic past catch up to him? Daniel evades Jack's advances causing Jack to worry about Daniel's motives; at the same time, Jack worries about Daniel's health. After yet another nasty experience with Hathor, Jack and Daniel come to a major realization about their love and their future.In doing so, they make a pact that will forever be a part of their universe.Daniel is incorrectly diagnosed with schizophrenia. What will happen when the truth is revealed, and everyone has to come to terms with their willingness to lock Daniel away in a padded cell so quickly?When Daniel is taken captive, SG-1 is faced with a tough choice -- to save their teammate or let him die.

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